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--Iran's COVID-19 cases rise to 556,891;

--Morocco's infections surpass 190,000;

--Israel's total recoveries exceed 290,000;

--Lebanon to secure vaccines against coronavirus.

Palestinians voice opposition against normalization agreement between Israel and Sudan under U.S. sponsorship, saying Sudan's move represents a "betrayal of the just Palestinian cause."

Biden said if elected, he would make sure everyone is encouraged to wear a mask, invest in rapid testing, and set up national COVID-19 standards.

In short, the debate showed how the positions of the majority of people in the U.S. are in favor of a less interventionist foreign policy.

The debate climaxed when Trump was challenged on migrants as news came up of 545 children who remain currently separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border, unable to reunite with their relatives.

The authorities reported that they have repaired more than 19.000 houses while supporting waste recycling projects that aim at securing an 18.000 job position. 

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