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This vote is the final hurdle to be cleared for Brexit to go ahead and will mark the final stage of the ratification process, ahead of the UK's exit on January 31st.

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The report also warned that a planned overhaul of the migration system could hit Britain’s economic growth.

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By the end of Tuesday, a total of 3,554  confirmed cases of the new coronavirus had been reported in Hubei. At the same time, 3,349 patients remained hospitalized, with 671 in serious condition and 228 in critical condition.

The Canberra fire is just the latest in a series of destructive fires that have hit Australia since September

Islamic Revolution's leader, Ali Khamenei, stated that the solution was a referendum in which all residents in the territory of Palestine, including those occupied by Israel, decide on the future of the country.

"In 2019, over 51 million people suffered in 10 crises away from the public eye," CARE said. 

A U.S. military rescue team reached the plane crash site and recovered two bodies and the flight data recorder

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