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The military command said 4,200 soldiers, backed by armored vehicles and aircraft, entered the Alemao and Mare favela complexes — poor, densely populated swaths of city . Full Story

Fishery workers in Ecuador are demanding the ousting of the Agriculture and Fishing minister, Ana Katuska Drouet. Full Story

Argentine sports reporters and advocates are uniting under #PeriodistasUnidas to expose rampant sexual harassment female sports anchors face on the job. 
After months of lobbying by U.S. agricultural lobbies, the Trump administration backs down from crucial clause to not tariff seasonal fruits and vegetables from Mexico.
Chile's lower house is looking to indite three judges who ruled to released five men convicted of tortures and homicides during the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship.
"The entire left-wing will stand together to support a leftist candidate," said Eugenio Aragao, former Minister of Justices under Dilma Rousseff, in an exclusive interview with teleSUR.