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"The United States is afraid of Venezuela's words, it is afraid of the truth of Venezuela."

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"He always fought so that the community leaders of the region will not let die this valuable ancestral resource that identifies us.” said a professor at the academy. 

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"If you want to help Venezuela, do not threaten us with war and return what has been stolen," Moncada said in reference to the Venezuelan resources blocked by the U.S. government.

These groups have all gathered to reject interventionism because it has put Latin American countries "in a situation that attacks and puts stability and peace at risk."

The death toll for the LGBT population in the country has more than tripled in recent years. With Bolsonaro's anti-LGBT agenda, the outlook is grim.

In the interview, the Venezuelan head of state indicated that Arreaza invited Abrams to visit Venezuela "in private, in public, in secret."

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