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ArtLords co-founder, Omaid Sharifi, said the group hopes to pressure warlords to attest to their past crimes and seek forgiveness for their actions. Full Story

The mural on the Houston Bowery Wall features 272 black hash marks and a call to free Turkish-Kurdish artist.  Full Story

She's wasn't known for histrionics, but Queen Elizabeth II would surely struggle to maintain her famous poise if she knew the actress playing her on "The Crown" earned less than the man portraying her husband.
The Kennedy Center is honoring Cuban arts and culture in May, forty years after the Cuban National Ballet’s debut at the Washington venue.

"We keep underestimating this film and it just shows no sign of slowing down," said comScore media analyst Paul Dergarabedian.

Many of the cultural treasures – made of ceramics, textiles, stone and wood – date back to before Spanish colonization and originate from ancient Indigenous groups.
Paraguay's Carmelite nun, “Chiquitunga,” nears sainthood, with only one miracle left to go.