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The boom in Spain's livestock farming makes agriculture the fourth-largest producer of carbon emissions, with 10% of the national total. The figure trails transport, electricity generation and industry. Full Story

Apple offers more than 1.8 million apps in China, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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For hundreds of years we have had treaties protecting migratory birds who traverse countries, but no similar protections for non-feathered fliers who also cross borders.
A group of 600 experts and volunteers will be stationed in 180 sites in 10 ecological nature reserves around the country.
The delicate flower was nestled in an area of the Tingo María National Park called the “Throat of Sleeping Beauty.”
The UN senior official, who traveled to the epicenters of the outbreak in Beni and Mangina in recent days, said he had been very worried before his visit, but that after the visit "I am actually more worried."
Pinpointing the brain regions involved in optimism and positive thinking about the future, the researchers said, may also have shed light on what might be going wrong in people with depression.