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Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro Monday fired his most senior aide, after Gustavo Bebianno after allegations of money laundering, came to light.

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Melvin Perez, who was removed from the San Jose Salesian School, in Santa Ana, El Salvador, has turned-up at the San Nicolas parish in Guatemala - despite authorities claiming he was under investigation for allegations of sexual deviancy against a minor.

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In this regard, Menendez stressed that it is 'cynical' for sectors of the opposition, protected by foreign governments, to promote the entry of supposed humanitarian aid 'when what they have done is to attack a sovereign country.

Changes were coming to socialist Latin American countries, Trump said, without expanding further or offering any concrete measures.

After being imprisoned for a total of 13 years for a murder they didn't commit, Lorenzo Sanchez, Dominga Gonzalez and Marco Antonio Perez were set free. 

Some in the U.S. are celebrating Presidents' Day by protesting Trump's 'fake state of emergency,' which gives him access to raid funds for his "racist" border wall with Mexico.

Responding to a government official, Marcelo Catrillanca says the Mapuche aren't to blame for the major flames that have destroyed 53,000 hectares so far.

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