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A statement by the foreign ministry said the Venezuelan people will not yield to the pressure by applied by the U.S. and its right-wing allies. Full Story

The Foreign Minister continues his South-South Dignity Tour in Egypt, strengthening solidarity links. Full Story

U.S. officials accuse Prado of being involved in the shipment of more than 250 tons of cocaine to the United States using weekly go-fast boat trips.
A Mexican official said Trump lost his temper during the conversation, but U.S. officials described Trump as frustrated and exasperated. 

The president also addressed the "ridiculous, illegal" sanctions against the nation, describing the U.S.-led economic war as unprecedented in Venezuela's history. 

El Salvador expressed its "surprise at the accusations" and called Trump's attention "to the historical reality of the relationship maintained by both nations."
"We are going to invest more in anti-aircraft defense, to make all regions of the country impregnable," President Nicolas Maduro posted on Twitter.