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Dozens of protestors in Peru's southern region known for its agro-exports marched, chanted, and held flags and banners reading: "Agro yes, Mina no".

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According to recent findings, more than two thirds of women murdered by a man last year in Argentina were killed by a partner or former partner.

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Different social groups are pushing to include this sensitive topic as part of the reforms on the Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code, that National Assembly will be deciding tomorrow.

Higher-ranking member of Los Rastrojos nearly killed by own gang allegedly to eliminate witnesses of group shuttling Guaido into Colombia. 

The Cuban chancellor talked about U.S. interference in not letting fuel provisions arrive to the Island and the consequences on day-to-day life on the island.

Several parties of the opposition signed the agreements while also establishing a new round of dialogue. 

Official government ID numbers, phone numbers, family records, marriage dates, education histories, and work records were included in the exposed files.

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