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Uruguay has been governed by the Broad Front for 15 years; the party is part of the continent’s progressive governments.

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Latin America

The socialist leader made the announcement after taking certain investigations that the FBI has allegedly undertaken against the leadership of the right-wing party, Popular Will, which includes the opposition deputy.

The hashtag #SiVosQuerés, inspired on the track by Argentina's cumbia band Sudor Marika, became viral on social media and drawing anti-Macri voters to the streets.

Colombia believes that the U.S. could hold key information that would either corroborate or disprove central claims made by Uribe's defense attorneys.


The Catholic leaders and their congregation constitute one of the last groups to join the ever-growing mass of organizations and platforms that reject the government.

The proposal poses a challenge to the Constitutional Court, which warned that any attempt again for separatism will be considered a crime.

Parliament threw out Johnson's idea of speeding up the approval of the legislation in the House of Commons in just three days.


England thrashed Bulgaria 6-0 to hand them their heaviest ever home defeat as the match was marred by a section of home supporters taunting the visiting players with Nazi salutes and monkey chants.

The Treasury Department says several soccer teams and their promoters are under investigation for corruption and tax evasion. 

Khadamat Rafah is set to play Balata FC in the West Bank on Wednesday but without the travel permits the game is unlikely to take place.

Infantino said he originally came up with the idea in 2017 and the plan had received “big, big support” from football officials across the world.


One of the greatest 20th-century ballerinas, Alonso used her star power to make a sometimes elitist art form popular on her Caribbean island, forging the world's largest ballet school with a unique bravura style.

The new project, 'Google Arts & Culture', aims to make the works of art of a number of associated museums accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

The cultural assets were handed over by the Bolivian Minister of Culture and Tourism to the Peruvian ambassador to Bolivia.

If the workshop is successful it could be repeated in other schools around Mexico City.

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