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On the eve of Prisoner Day, which is celebrated every 17 April, the organizations also detailed that the numbers do not include forced disappearances of residents of the Gaza Strip.

According to the WAFA News Agency, in meeting with 50 diplomats accredited in Palestine and other foreign representatives, Mustafa urged "to boost aid efforts and stop the attacks of settlers in the West Bank that increase daily".

The Paris meeting included a political panel at the ministerial level to try to find ways out of the conflict.

The total toll, according to the Palestinian health agency, is 33,797 dead and 76,465 injured, since the resurgence of the genocide against Gaza on 7 October.

The Muslim states called on the UN to take action against these actions and thus put an end to this sad situation.

One of the projects between Google and Tel Aviv is the Nimbus, a $1.2 billion cloud that aims to provide cloud capabilities, machine learning and artificial intelligence to the Israeli Defense Ministry.

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