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Over a 100-year span, methane causes 28 times greater warming than carbon dioxide, while over a 20-year horizon, it is 84 times more powerful, an environmental economist warned.

"This land grab is illegal and illegitimate. NATO allies do not and will not recognise any of these territories as part of Russia," NATO Secretary Stoltenberg said.

"This killing was not vigilante justice," Texas Democratic Party Chairman said, adding that "it was a murder, and it was a hate crime."

"Things will no longer be as before. The battlefield to which fate and history have summoned us is the battlefield for our people and the great historical Russia," he said.

Soldiers are stationed around the national television station, the United Nations roundabout, and on Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.

"It's very difficult to imagine that such a terrorist act could take place without the participation of a state," Peskov pointed out.

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