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"All municipalities have started the massive vaccination campaign with the home-grown COVID-19 vaccine Abdala and 49,6 percent of its +19 year-old population is fully vaccinated," President Diaz Canel said.

The Nicaraguan government of Daniel Ortega nationalizes former Salvadoran president Salvador Sanchez Ceren, accused in his country of embezzlement and money laundering.

"There is no reason to maintain cold war policies against Cuba. There are no excuses to apply coercive economic suffocation measures against our people amid the pandemic," Rodriguez explained. 

The protests were summoned via social media by Indigenous leaders and organizations, who reject, among other demands, last year's budget cut in sectors such as education, health, and justice. 

The large military parade was celebrated this time in the framework of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru. The civic-military parade was held without the presence of the public due to sanitary measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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