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"It is always pleasant to receive the visit of our great friend Gonsalves," the Bolivarian leader said, stressing St. Vincent and Venezuela hold excellent bilateral relations. 

This vaccine is intended for children between 5 and 11 years old. Its distribution will begin on Wednesday in the 15 health regions throughout the country.

The regions of Ñuble, Biobío and La Araucanía remain under red alert, while a high-temperature warning is in effect from the Coquimbo Region to La Araucanía. 

Among those arrested is the former commander of Operations of the Federal District Military Police, Jorge Eduardo Naime Barreto. 

"Watch out! The vote in favor of the NO option is consolidated. However, there are many 'irregularities'," former presidential candidate Andres Arauz warned.

"I am the first teacher and farmer to hold the presidency. I was democratically elected, but the Peruvian right never accepted my victory," he said.

"Cooperation between Cuba and the Canary Islands must be strong since we share cultural and historical ties," he stated. 

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