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The hashtag #SiVosQuerés, inspired on the track by Argentina's cumbia band Sudor Marika, became viral on social media and drawing anti-Macri voters to the streets.

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Colombia believes that the U.S. could hold key information that would either corroborate or disprove central claims made by Uribe's defense attorneys.

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Incumbent neoliberal President Mauricio Macri is planning to formally close his campaign in Cordoba, one of the only large areas to vote for Macri in the primary elections. 

The request came hours after The OAS raised concerns after an official preliminary count of votes gave Morales a 10-point lead over rival Carlos Mesa.

The authorities of both countries talked about expanding their economic relations to the fields of agriculture, renewable energy sources, biotechnology, education and tourism.

On Tuesday morning, CONALCAM, a coalition of Indigenous groups and workers unions that are affiliated to Morales’ ‘Movement Towards Socialism’ held a press conference where they declared a state of emergency, calling for mobilizations in the streets to defend democracy.

Brazilian critical economists point out that the so-called "social security crisis" is neoliberal propaganda.

Social organizations rejected the human rights violations and called for a general strike on October 23.

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