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Financial resources will be used in the San Felipe del Morro castle, the San Cristobal castle, the San Juan de La Cruz fort, the San Juan gate, and most of the city's historic wall.

The U.S. sanctions on Syria have obstructed the importation of crucial restoration materials and modern excavation tools, said Haidar Youssef, an archeologist.

Her unmistakable voice has been indelibly associated with classics like 'Garota de Ipanema,' 'Corcovado,' 'Manha de Carnaval,' 'Agua de beber,' or 'Mas que nada.'

"She spared nothing and no one with her humor and eloquence. She confronted machismo in life and in music and inspired generations of women," Lula da Silva recalled.

For centuries, Metis were targets of systematic discrimination and oppression together with First Nations and Inuit people in Canada.

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