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Is the UN really addressing the most important Indigenous agendas? Not really, writes Itzamna Ollantay.
It is encouraging to see that a new campaign is taking shape "to end U.S. and Canada sanctions against Venezuela," writes Nino Pagliccia....
Africa is bleeding, but slowly waking up, trying to move forward. There is no doubt that the momentum is building, writes Andre Vitchek.
If Iran might not appeal to all political palates, Tehran has already proven to be a truthful and committed actor, writes Catherine Shakdam. 
It remains to be seen how Israel’s embrace of fascist Europe will bode, both for Israel and the European Union.
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France has long stopped being the avant-garde of the feminist movement, so who exactly are these new conservative feminists?
TeleSUR speaks to Sabrina Fernandes, a professor and researcher at the University of Brasilia.
There is also an indication that the demonstrations, at least in part, reflect an internal conflict between factions within the government.
teleSUR spoke with Marco Leon Calarca, a former spokesperson for the ex-guerrilla group about the prospects for peace and their movement in 2018.
TeleSUR speaks to Cuba expert Arnold August about Raul Castro's impending retirement and U.S.-Cuba relations.