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Peru's Congress is taking steps to impeach five senators, including Kenji Fujimori, in light of the videos showing Kenji and Kuczynksi lawyers trying to buy the vote of a fellow legislator to not impeach the president last December. Full Story

Latin America
The United Nations and international water organizations are celebrating the 25th World Water Day March 22 at the World Water Day Forum in Brazil.
Ronaldinho, 38, joined the political party Tuesday, saying he wanted to “give something back to his country.”
The Guatemalan government removed 11 investigators from its international anti-corruption commission disrupting several cases against high-ranking government officials, including President Morales and his family. 
"The only thing we have had from governments in recent years is cuts. They don't have any other solution than cutting staff and we can't agree with that."
Fishing communities in Odisha protect this threatened species as they return to nest, a unique ritual for both turtles and their custodians.
Cambridge Analytica first gained prominence in 2015, when the Guardian published a lengthy report detailing how the data mining firm sold "psychographic profiles" of U.S. citizens to Ted Cruz to aid with his presidential bid.
The club already has a suspended two-year ban hanging over them from incidents at a previous Europa League game with Turkish side Besiktas in April 2017.
De Souza had previously run for governor but prematurely dropped out of the race.
Throwing punches in a gym tucked away from prying eyes, a Saudi female boxing trainer asserts a right long denied to many women in the conservative kingdom — the right to exercise.
ArtLords co-founder, Omaid Sharifi, said the group hopes to pressure warlords to attest to their past crimes and seek forgiveness for their actions.
Despite international recognition, the Festival faces criticism from National theater companies and Colombia’s Actors Association.
This year's festival focuses on African portrayal, analyzing documentaries by Latin American and African artists, past and present.