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A widely participatory process of popular debate modified 134 articles of the Cuban Constitution.

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Latin America

"Bolivia is at the forefront of the struggle for multilingualism and education in the mother tongue," the UNESCO Director General said.

Speaking to HispanTV, the Venezuelan leader said U.S. President Donald Trump "has allowed himself to be led to an extremist position of foolishness."


“This is a measure that removes most of the distortions that were impacting the market,” The permanent secretary in the Finance Ministry said.

The United States government will not present charges or attempt to recover the body of the young missionary from an island in Bay of Bengal of India.

The UN report detailed that the human rights abuses, which were systematically meted out to civilians, including minors, could possibly be categorized as war crimes.


Young players, from one of Brazil's most popular football teams, are among the victims.

Following Iran's Asian Cup semi-final loss to Japan, Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz stepped-down from "Team Melli." The former Manchester United assistant coach is set to be unveiled as Technical Director of the Colombian national team. 


"Definitely, there is a before and after the Conquest, they (the Spaniards) brought us  many ingredients, techniques and methods that we did not use, like cheeses, bread - we used corn, instead of bread -, as well as showing us their gastronomic culture."

Over 40,000 bodies make up the eery structure which stands in the mining town of Kutna Hora in central Czech Republic.

"Marighella, (was a) black, revolutionary, (who) was assassinated by State forces in 1969 in his car and, 50 years later, a black counselor died the same way at the hands, most likley, of agents of the State," said Moura making a reference to Marielle Franco.

The Ainu people have long been repressed by a forced-assimilation policy which has resulted in significant income and education gaps.

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