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Rapper Sentenced to 3 Years in Jail for Rap about King of Spain

  • Josep Miquel Arenas known as Valtonyc the rapper.

    Josep Miquel Arenas known as Valtonyc the rapper. | Photo: EFE

Published 23 February 2017

"Art should be provocative," Valtonyc told the daily El Español.

A Spanish court condemned rapper Josep Miquel Arenas, also known as Valtonyc, to three years and a half in jail Tuesday for incitement to terrorism, insulting the crown and threats, in relation to one of his songs where he criticized Spanish King Juan Carlos.

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During the hearing, the rapper said that he conceived the track as a proposal of Podemos' leader Pablo Iglesias, for his weekly program La Tuerka.

Iglesias expressed his support for the musician in a tweet saying “Impunity for the corrupted, and jail for creating a song. Rapping about the King should not be a crime.”

The song included lyrics suggesting that (nationist leader) Jorge Campos, head of the Circulo Balear Foundation, “deserved a nuclear bomb,” and “Monarchy is his ideology ... I'll see you in the Royal Palace with a Kalashnikov,” adding that “we want death for those two.”

“All I've said about the King, is in the media: the fact that he killed his brother, that he had lovers, that he killed an elephant ... so which insults are we talking about if everything was already published in newspapers?” he asked El Español.

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