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Congressional aides affirmed the administration told them US$370 million in aid to Central America, that lawmakers had approved for fiscal 2018, would be relocated, and that an additional US$180 million for fiscal 2017 would be suspended.

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The high ranking official approved the U.S. Central Command request to increase forces to “address air, naval, and ground-based threats” in the region, where it currently has 1,500 stationed troops.

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Egypt's former President Mohamed Morsi died after fainting during a court hearing. 

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council said Iran published the information for the sake of public awareness.

A recent study by pro-Donald Trump Fox News revealed that the president is trailing behind Senator Bernie Sanders by 9 percent.

Sudan’s prosecutors charged ousted former President Omar al-Bashir with corruption but protesters are worried about the absence of a fair trial.

Namibia has decided to sell a thousand wild animals to save them from drought. The country also hopes to recover US$1.1 million for wildlife conservation. 

“Yesterday around 8pm (1900 GMT) it was reported that there was a very loud explosion in (the village of) Konduga. On reaching the scene of the incident we found there was a lot of casualties. In fact the death toll was over 30 and the injured over 42."

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