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Several nations call into question the Ethiopian government’s decision to enact a six-month state of emergency in the midst of continued major national protests and the PM's recent resignation. Full Story

"The government of Israel has decided to remove migrant workers just like many other democratic countries, including the US and Australia," Hotovely said, according to i24 News. Full Story

Valtonyc had argued he was exercising his right to free speech and artistic creation, but the court dismissed his defense.
European Union and Mercosur representatives are pressed to close a deal before the upcoming Brazilian general elections. 
Shirking responsibility, India's Finance Ministry has placed the blame on the Reserve Bank of India, RBI, for not detecting the fraud earlier. 
Goldring, along with two chairs of trustees, will appear before the Commons International Development Committee.
Over 100 mountaineers had been aiding with the search on snowmobiles on the 4,409-meter peak.