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May is pressing on with her deal to leave the EU, rejecting calls for a second referendum or to test support for different Brexit options in parliament.

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Yemen's port city of Hodeidah has been seeing clashes for the past three days just before the implementation of the ceasefire. 

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Cambodia is a hot transit spot for African ivory. Two of the biggest markets for the material are China and Vietnam, despite local and global bans to stop its trade.

Thousands of Hungarians take to the streets to protest a new labor law which allows employers to request between 250-400 overtime hours from workers annually. 

The turn out on Saturday was about half the number of the previous weekend, which prompted the government to wrongfully claim that the momentum was waning.

Scores of Lebanese took to the street to show their dissatisfaction with the speed the country's administration is taking in forming the government. 

Israel is displeased with Australia for recognizing only "West" Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying nation, and not the whole of Jerusalem. 

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