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The French arm of "Innocence in Danger", a movement against sexual abuse of children, requested the prosecutor to open a probe against Epstein in July. 

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He and his brother Charles, both Massachusetts Institute of Technology-trained engineers, spent hundreds of millions of dollars to back conservative causes and neoliberal ideology.

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Cornered by international criticisms againsts its poor environmental policies, the Brazilian far-right government maintains that the nation's environmental crisis is "an invention of the left."

Although the Amazon rainforest is literally on fire, the Brazilian president does not react, arguing that "it's fire season" out there.

In a statement released on Thursday, the U.N. refugee agency said no one agreed to go back to Myanmar, adding that its staff will continue to interview those cleared for return.

Putin reiterated the need for arms-control talks and has pledged in Paris that Russia will only deploy non-INF-compliant missiles only if the United States f does first

Relations between the northeast Asian neighbors began to deteriorate late last year following a diplomatic row over compensation for wartime forced laborers during Japan’s occupation of Korea.

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