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The Pentagon chief’s statements came as Donald Trump claimed he was bringing U.S. soldiers home from “endless wars."

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Parliament forced Prime Minister Boris Johnson to send a letter asking for a postponement of Brexit

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Products with additional import duties of 25 percent ad valorem include fresh cheese, olives and olive oil from Spain; wines and cheeses from France; coffee, cookies, waffles from Germany; whiskey and sweets from the United Kingdom, and Italian cheeses.

The top defense official restated that his country could reduce its presence to 8,600 troops from the current 14,000, without affecting counter-terrorism operations, a claim made by Trump back in August.  

Around 20,000 Muslims demonstrated demanding for the execution of a Hindu man charged for inciting religious tensions. 

In other points of Catalonia, there have been demonstrations in front of commissaries and squares to protest for those detained in riots and to ask for the freedom of secessionist leaders.

Ending rampant corruption is a central demand of the protestors, who say the country's leaders have used their positions to enrich themselves for decades through favorable deals and kickbacks.

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