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The decree was signed by El Hijo del Fantasma and Mexico's City mayor, who also agreed to seek better social welfare benefits for professional wrestlers. Full Story

One producer told Rolling Stone Magazine that "every songwriter in Jamaica" is working on the new album by the Barbados-born singer. Full Story

Monday’s nominations reflected the popularity of rap, which in 2017 surpassed rock as the most dominant music genre in the United States, and R&B.
"Sergio Pitol is without doubt the strangest, most unfathomable and most eccentric writer," said Ambassador Agustin Garcia-Lopez.
Margaret Atwood urged VP Gabriela Michetti, a staunch detractor of legalizing abortion, to ask herself if she wants to live in a country where "half the population is enslaved."
The National Secretariat of Culture praised the poet's ability to bridge the gap between social classes to unite Paraguayans throughout the 1900s.